Tuesday, October 7, 2014

اسلام ہم سب کو اختیار دیتا ہے کہ ہم صحیح اور غلط میں تمیز کر سکیں اور حق کا رستہ خود اختیار کریں۔

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blood Donation: Cheers to Your Good Health!

As the idiom professes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. So often the good things in lifeare a tradeoff. But blood donation isn’t one of those “good things.”
After donation, many report emotions ranging from peace and contentment to joy andinspiration. Yet beyond the intrinsic reward, the medical community lauds blood donation foranother uplifting reward: major health benefits.
Possibly the most touted benefit is improved heart health through thereduction of oxidative stress. Thought to be the most dangerous threatto the cardiovascular system, an abundance of iron in the blood canresult in damage to cells and tissues. Giving blood regularly results inreduced risk of heart attacks and stroke according to the AmericanMedical Association.
A second benefit to donation is a lowered risk of developing cancer.According to a Swedish study, consistent blood donation is associatedwith lowered risks for cancers of the: liver, lungs, colon, stomach, andthroat. According to their studies, risk levels dropped in correlationwith how often participants donated blood. Again it is thought,reducing oxidative stress is the magic element. Free radical compoundscan damage DNA which is formative to all cancers according to MichaelA. Smith M.D., author of Life Extension Blog.
And fundamentally, each time you donate, you check up on your ownhealth with a physical including blood pressure, hemoglobin, and othervital signs monitoring. For those able to donate every time they areeligible, at 56 day intervals for whole blood, that equates to six examsa year, free of charge.
Giving blood is a piece of cake; it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t cost a dime, andthe rewards are abundant. How sweet is that? Cheers to your goodhealth!

Debate with Stupid People

Debate with Stupid People by Syed-Fahad-Tirmizi-Saifi

Ambri-By: Anwar Masood

Beginning of Hajj 2014 from today

Makka Mukarramah: Hajj is being launched today. Mini-tent city has been settled. More than two million Muslim pilgrims on Friday will play the part of the minister ‘Arafah.


Happiness watches came close. Hajj rituals will begin from today. Lakhs Pune banned reached more than two million Pakistanis.

This money will go to the tent city. After spending the entire day and night in Mina on Friday will be played Arafah Hajj Prime members.
Zuhr and Asr prayers together will be paid. The next stage will be to Muzdalifah after Maghrib. Where the presence of God and the forgiveness of sins and praise will be spent.
After the Fazar Prayer on Ten Zil Hajj the pilgrims will move to Mina.

Friday, June 27, 2014

ماشاءاللہ اس بچے کی نعت سنیں۔